Let our expert Realtors® price your home correctly the first time!

This is the most important aspect of selling your home quickly!

Many Realtors® simply look at websites like Zillow.com and Redfin.com to determine the value of your home. Not only that, but they also value your home as low as possible so they can sell it quickly, and then move on to the next property.

But the fact is that these websites are often 5% to 10% off! And if you price your home too low, you will lose thousands of dollars. If you price it too high, your house will sit, get stale, and you will have to sell it for thousands less than you could have sold it for, had you priced it right the first time.

To value a home correctly, the Realtor® must consider many factors not considered by electronic robots. Some of these factors are the condition of the home, nearby schools, parks and restaurants, landscaping/view, sun exposure, traffic noise, etc.

The Realtor® must also understand the needs of the sellers. Do they need to sell quickly, or can they afford to wait for the best offer? These are just a few of the factors CIWAO Realtors® consider when valuing your home.

Moreover, CIWAO Realtors® will tell you the pros and cons of making various home improvements and how much more money you could make if you made those improvements. And CIWAO can even offer you a cash advance to help you pay for your home improvement projects!

Let one of our top Realtors® value your home before you list it for sale! You will be glad you did!

Local Realtor®: $375,000
CIWAO Price: $395,000

After professionally staging the home!

Local Realtor®: $460,000
CIWAO Price: $495,000

After $7,500 landscaping renovation!

Local Realtor®: $525,000
CIWAO Price: $595,000

After $20,000 home improvement advanced by CIWAO!

Local Realtor®: $995,000
CIWAO Price: $1.4 million

After marketing the home as a Short Rental!

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